Holzscheit an Amboss (2013) is a live performed electroacoustic composition. It mainly is characterized by playing a combination of experimental instruments they are processed by a live patch.
It can be understood as an examination with the musique concrète , established by Pierre Schaeffer.

The live patch comprises some processings for sound synthesis and spatialization (e.g. ambisonics). It is possible to perform through various loudspeaker setups.
The composition will be devided in several sections, whereat its playing time will be at most 8'30 minutes. The main instrument is a wooden board with fixed pull-springs, screws and copper wires. It is played by fingers, chopsticks, steel wool, jazz brushes, violin bow, a screwdriver and a motor-powered buff wheel. Additional instruments are: three different kinds of cymbals, a telephone pickup-coil, two different candleholders and a djembe. All instruments has to be amplified by relevant microphones.

Documentation (ger)

score (ger)

Holzscheit an Amboss
recorded at ZKM - Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe - in the KUBUS/DOM with 42 channel Ambisonics
28th June, 2013)

»…Den größten Eindruck hinterließ "Holzscheit an Amboss" des Jenaers Tim Helbig. Was klingt wie akusmatische Lautsprechermusik, wird live in einem Set aus Schlagwerkzeugen und selbst gebauten elektronischen Instrumenten produziert und so um eine Interaktion mit dem Publikum bereichert.«press (OTZ, 10.04.2013 / Anna Schürmer)
ViaNova e.V. // Frühjahrstage f. Neue Musik Weimar 2013