20 Columns is a contemporary music and theater performance, based on a 20 solenoids-sound-installation and 20 single-triggered lamps. It was created and composed for the 20th anniversary of the »Christian High School«, Jena in corporation with Philipp Schäffler, Sabine Wolf-Schilling and Heide Haupt as well as 20 students of the 10th class.

The performance and sound installation is based on the roof with its 20 steel columns, wich spans the schoolyard. Therefore 20 solenoids and 20 lamps were installed. With a specially prepared computer program it is possible to play the solenoids and lamps individually. The roof extends over approx. 45 meters and has a height of 8 meters. Moreover, the 20 students were playing the columns with different materials and instruments. It was possible to create long movements of lights and sound. Together with the teachers Philipp Schäffler, Heide Haupt, Sabine Wolff-Schilling and the students we created a contemporary theater performance for 23 »stages«.

Thanks to
the CGJ,
Philipp Schäffler,
Sabine Wolff-Schilling,
Heide Haupt,
Thomas Glandt,
Jost Knapp and
Josef Winkler.

Press: Glaube und Heimat (Text: Michael v. Hintzenstern)